FPC soldering connectors for windshields (Flexible Printed Circuits)

Product features

Sin­gle or mul­ti-pin FPC foils for­ward anten­na sig­nals from the wind­shield or the back­lite to the ampli­fi­er. The lay­out and design of the foil can be select­ed near­ly with­out restric­tions. Due to its prop­er­ties, such as the flat shape and its flex­i­bil­i­ty, the use of the FPC foil has increased sig­nif­i­cant­ly.

  • Lay­out and design accord­ing to cus­tomer require­ments
  • Con­tacts and hous­ings neu­tral or with OEM logo
  • Can be expand­ed by a cable and can be used for var­i­ous hous­ings
  • Over­mold­ing accord­ing to cus­tomer require­ments
  • Selec­tion of var­i­ous foil mate­ri­als and adhe­sive tapes
  • LSol­der­ing depot can be imple­ment­ed in coor­di­nat­ed vol­umes, alloys and flux­es depend­ing on the customer’s require­ments

FPC connectors

One of the advan­tages of the FPC con­nec­tors is their flat design, which is espe­cial­ly use­ful in a small instal­la­tion space. With regard to size, shape and col­or, the cus­tomer can select near­ly with­out restric­tions.


Combination of foil and round wire

An addi­tion­al round wire between the foil and the hous­ing can be imple­ment­ed with­out com­pli­ca­tions as need­ed and allows an extend­ed and cost-effec­tive design.


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